Calm Kids

Monday 12th Mar 7.30pm


* learn how to use oils to calm down rowdy, noisy and busy kids (who can’t slow themselves down!)
* improve concentration and focus
* uplift mood
* foster creativity
* reduce anxiety or depression
* improve sleep habits

Most importantly Belle will be covering how to use essential oils to create a harmonious atmosphere in the home, that will help YOU to stay calm and in control – even when the kids are going bonkers!

In her fun and relaxed style, Belle will talk you thru how to use doTERRA oils and supplements, and explain how diet changes, movement and behaviour strategies have worked for her and her family, and many of her clients over the last 20yrs.


All classes are FREE.
RSVP is necessary so we can prepare info and oil samples for you!
(If you are already an enrolled member with doTERRA you are more than welcome to attend. However Priority seating will be given to non-enrolled customers.)
KIDS / TEENS Welcome – children LOVE to smell and try blending oils, so bring them along!
Please contact Belle via TEXT on 0481 242 942 to register your interest.

Why am I so passionate about this?

Hey there mama, I know what you are going through. 
You birthed these beautiful kids only to realise that they are seriously making you lose your mind and go grey prematurely! What happened to quiet meal times and kids who studied the periodic table during school holidays?
Why has your household turned into a war zone around chores and homework?

If you have a “willful” child who answers back and is “resistant” to everything you ask of them then this workshop may help restore peace and calm the crazy in your home.

I have had to reassess how I parent, and learn to recognise my own buttons when they are being pushed….this was key to helping me remain firm and consistent, and also more patient with challenging behaviour.

Basically I got sick of yelling like a T-Rex at my kids, so I had to come up with new strategies.
Thank goodness for the oils and supplements that helped me and the kids…and I can show you exactly what I have done to restore peace and helpfulness and calm in my home. 

Mama, you are not alone, and I can assure you that making small simple changes, can make a massive difference!
I am looking forward to sharing these secrets with you.

Belle xox

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