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Anita Houlahan

Holistic Kinesiology



Anita is exceptionally passionate about holistic health and views the mind and body as whole and not separate. As an holistic Kinesiologist Anita uses a client centred approach together with a large variety of techniques. She assists her clients to realign their body, mind and spirit by releasing stress or energy blockages the body may be holding onto preventing its natural healing ability.

Anita found Kinesiology after working long hours over many years in a high stress work environment, developing acute anxiety and adrenal fatigue. After several kinesiology sessions, she felt her anxiety shift and energy levels rebuilding and has since been very passionate about helping others to benefit from the positive effects that kinesiology offers.

Anita’s soothing, positive and nurturing nature makes you feel safe, calm and comfortable. She uses a blend of applied kinesiology  and traditional Chinese medicine techniques, helping clients with many ailments including, digestion, chronic pain, insomnia, fertility anxiety, eating disorders, learning difficulties, neurological disorders and depression.

Available  Friday 9am 7pm & Saturdays 8am-6pm
(by appointment only)


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