Booking / Cancellation / No Show Policies

Our Clinic only has resident therapists with extensive experience and expertise and we run it as a co-op (they are sub contractors). Our therapists turn up, prepare the space and are ready for each client who is on our appointment books. Basically if you don’t turn up – we don’t get paid. We do have a waiting list, so if you cannot attend your appointment, someone else probably is waiting for your spot.


Booking Policy:  effective 1 January 2017 ALL bookings must be pre-paid, or held with a credit card, Gift Card ID# or Package. This is to avoid “no shows” or online “dummy bookings”.  We also have an option where you can Direct Deposit your appointment fee, or you can pay via Paypal (although this is not preferred).
But don’t worry : You will still be able to claim your HICAPS / Health Fund rebate at your appointment.

Cancellations Policy: Cancellations do happen. We understand sometimes life gets in the way. Whether it be sickness, family emergency, a child home from school or work calls and you “have to go in”!

Where possible please advise us no later than 36hrs prior to your scheduled appointment if you cannot make it.

“Late Cancellations” – any cancellation inside 36hrs will be charge at $50/3omin appointments, $85/60min appointments, $115 / 90min appointments. Some exceptions apply (we are reasonable after all!) This fee will be applied to your account and must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

“No Shows” – are where a scheduled appointment has not been cancelled outside of 36hrs and therefore the full 100% treatment fee will be applied to your account. As such, at your next appointment you will be required to pay up front and in full for the appointment you have not attended and the appointment you are due to attend.

“Early Cancellations / Reschedules” – when your appointment is cancelled either by phone call or text to 0481 242 942 outside 36hrs of your scheduled appointment time. No charge for early cancellations.

Yoga Classes – 
All 5 and 10 week pre paid classes are non refundable in the event you cannot make a scheduled class. Classes are booked for consecutive weeks in a series. From time to time you may be offered a make up class if there is space in another class on that particular week. However this is never guaranteed.
You will not be refunded, nor is credit applied for classes you have missed. Classes ARE transferable with friends or family if you cannot attend a scheduled pre-paid for class. Please contact Belle on 0481 242 942 if this needs to be arranged.

Meditation Classes – All classes are non-refundable, but may be transferred on a case-by-case consideration.

For Appointments with our allied health specialists – please see their personal website.

Southern Sydney Pregnancy Massage

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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and don’t share your details. Any personal data collected from this site through sign ups is strictly confidential.

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