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Back to School Special Event: CALM KIDS


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Get help with tantrums
Help your kids sleep better
Soothe tummy painskids-roller
Ease Anxiety

We love the energy of kids, but sometimes we need them to chillax for a moment or two – right?
Do you want to find a way to help your active, rambunctious kids drift more easily into SLEEP?
Is it time that your primary school child/ren sat still to do their homework and CONCENTRATE on the task at hand?
Does your little one worry, or have issues with separation?
Does your child experience angry tantrums that seem over and above the “average”?
Does your little one get “tummy migraines”?
Do you find it hard to get your child to feel less irritated and aggressive?

Topics Covered:

  • excessive energy 
  • ADHD/ADD complimentary oils for management
  • difficulty switching off at night
  • Concentration at school/during homework
  • anxiety (separation from parents, adapting to changes)
  • starting school
  • exams (for older kids)
  • nightmares and night waking
  • angry outbursts / acting out / difficulty controlling rage

Studies have shown that lavender oil is effective in calming children and adults alike, however many people cannot stand how it smells! Is that you? Did you know that there are PLENTY more oils that help to sedate overactive nervous systems, help to calm a busy mind, and help to bring an immediate sense of peace to a big or little person?
Wouldn’t it be lovely to create a peaceful home each afternoon, where there is less fighting between kids, or a more gentle approach to the evening routine?

With so many families experiencing separation and divorce, it is the children who are being pulled in different directions. And while this may be difficult for everyone involved, as adults we can seek help from counsellors or a social group. Kids tend to internalise their stuff and act out in different ways. Belle can show you how to use oils that can support your little one/s if this is their experience. Oils for feeling supported, loved and cherished – they can really help to work on the emotions and the area of the brain that feels and processes these strong feelings.

Join Belle for an interactive online webinar to learn how essential oils can bring peace to a busy-and-always active child. Or calm and ease a little one who seems to always be worrying.

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Essential Oils Basics

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Learn about the 10 Most Popular Oilshome-essentials-kit
Throw out your OTC meds
Clean your home without chemicals
Get healthier – Support your System

HI! I’m Belle – a mum of 3 kids of my own, plus 2 step kids. They range in ages from 7 to 17! I know firsthand how kids can come down with aches, pains, conditions, sprains, earaches, tummy grumbles at ANY TIME (usually the most inconvenient!) So I want to share what I know about using pure essential oils to help soothe, heal and settle little kids and big kids and adults!

This webinar is created for anyone who wants to know more about how to bring oils into their life. There will be giveaways on the night for those who are on the webinar and you will also have the opportunity to get some great FREE oils if you purchase your starter kit after the webinar finishes.
I only use and trust doTERRA essential oils. To browse the product range please click here

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Uplift your mood
Feel happier
Get more balanced

Pure essential oils can have a positive impact on your overall mood. If you are taking anti-depressants and you have decided you want to get off them (under your doctor’s supervision), then there are some oils you need to be using everyday. 

Learn how to use oils to shift your your mood:
Low Energy?
“I have an oil for that!”
Don’t suffer in angry silence. Reach for a natural product that is scientifically PROVEN to help you feel better. Sometimes it is just the smallest adjustment to your lifestyle, that can have the most profound impact.
Join my Facebook group: Mind Body Wellness with Belle for heaps of ideas, inspiration and wellness tips.

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