Essential 30 Cleanse – next guided start date 19 February 2018







Looking to get pregnant – wanting to lose weight – feeling fatigued – have a chronic condition – brain fog – need to create a healthy new habit ???

This Cleanse is just what you need – naturally.


This Cleancleanse and restore kitse focuses on the incredible supplements that doTERRA offers through the Cleanse + Restore kit

Along with these supportive cleanse supplements you will enjoy several essential oil routines + detox rituals to activate, reset and renew your vitality!

You will be guided through our private Essential 30 Cleanse Group, an in depth 1 hour long video training by Ange Peters and over 100 pages in the Cleanse eBook that you have access to, once you have purchased the Cleanse + Restore kit!
There will be lots of education, inspiration, private access to me within the cleanse group during the guided 30 day cleanse in Feb/Mar 2018.

The Essential 30 Cleanse was created by Ange Peters, angefounder of Hol:Fit
the enigmatic and 
inspirational nutritionist and
doTERRA Wellness Advocate from Canada.

Why Cleanse?

* If you are looking for increased energy, vitality, clarity and stamina (in and out of the bedroom!) then investing in yourself, and making a commitment to detoxify and re-set your body and mind is the best way to do it!
* If you are wanting to start a family and want to make sure your sperm or egg is in perfect health -then you need to cleanse.

* If you are already pregnant, and you want to START NOW and tidying up your health, give your body “top shelf” supplements that support your body and your baby’s growing body – then this cleanse is for you.
* If you are wanting to lose weight, but have hit a plateau, or just can’t seem to find the energy to exercise, then this cleanse is definitely what you need to take you to the next level.
* If you have become stagnant in life – no passion, limited energy, no creativity – then this cleanse will detox you from a cellular level
* If you are wanting to increase your spiritual connection – releasing the “junk” in your cells, can increase your ability to meditate and allows a deeper connection to spirit.

What to Expect

Using the doTERRA Cleanse + Restore Kit you will nourish your body with balanced vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils that helps to reduce toxic load and improve digestion and elimination. Herbs that support liver, kidney and skin function, and ease gut discomfort are all part of the regime. 

There are NO fancy diets to follow, NO starvation or fasting periods, NO restriction of food…(although you will naturally stop craving sugar or salt as the days progress).
You WILL take nutritional supplements up to six times per day, and increase your water intake up to 3L. You will also enjoy specific self-care rituals such as a bath infused with essential oils, (or if you don’t have a bath, create a foot-soak experience!) and use supportive essential oil blends to further encourage detoxification.

You will receive FREE access to an ebook to help you plan each day and know what to do next. You will also be a part of an online community on Facebook, where Ange will share her tips for the day, and help you to stay focused.
There is a welcome video that you will be sent once you have ordered your Kit, which goes thru all the supplements and oils, and teaches you WHY we cleanse, HOW we cleanse and WHO can do it, in more detail.

You are not alone in this – you have support the whole way along!

How much is feeling better worth to you?

Most people who work out of the home spend at least $4 on coffee per day and at least $10 on a bought lunch. Coffee peps you up, and helps you to keep going. Trouble is, it is a quick fix and you keep needing more of it to get the same good feeling. It is just a crutch. Same goes for sports drinks, or energy drinks, chocolate or sugar that we consume around 3-4pm to help us avoid the energy slump that comes a few hours after eating lunch.

This whole program costs just under $12 per day, and will help you save money on drinks, snacks and not-so-great food choices as once your body starts to normalise and re-balance you will be drawn to foods that are nutrient rich, and will keep giving you sustained energy.
By week 2 you will be able to feel the difference, by week 3, your friends and family will notice too.

The Investment

The Cleanse n Restore Kit is currently $USD295 plus postage.
FREE to join the guided cleanse, you just buy your supplements – you must be a member with me to join this cleanse.

The Scary Truth – pre-conception health

In 2009 a study was conducted to test contaminants and chemical toxicity in the umbilical of newborns. What the study revealed was over 200 chemicals were present in the newborns, and the chemicals are linked to the diet and the environment of the mama. Whether you are planning on having a child, or whether you are planning on being healthy, I believe it is imperative to give yourself a detox and cleanse at least four times per year – just like when the seasons change, you give yourself a period of time to release toxins, change habits, and plan for the coming season ahead.
For those who are struggling with infertility, then taking part in this cleanse will help both you and your partner to feel like you are doing everything you can to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be.

This 30 day guided cleanse will help your body feel more energised, digest better and come back to balance.


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