Beauty Therapy & Spa Therapy

Our signature Body, Facial and Hand & Feet treatments just got a whole lot better…..

Luxurious, nurturing and supportive treatments to soothe, heal and refresh your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

1.5hr Pamper Me Now Experience

Our most popular luxury treatment.
An indulgent 45min remedial/prenatal/postnatal/relaxation massage + a 45min Hydrating Facial.

Our personalised treatment will soothe and refresh you from head to toe.
More than just a pamper treatment, we will assess your aches and pains and help you to feel good again.

* Using skincare, chosen for its ability to soothe, regenerate and restore softer, clearer and more youthful looking skin. Based on Rose Hip oil, which is known for its ability to promote skin elasticity and fight aging, whilst reducing redness, and control flares and break outs.

{Specially created to be safe (and relaxing) during pregnancy. Enjoy our face-down custom-made massage table. Safe for both baby and you.}

90min experience/$165

AromaTouch Massage

For deep healing and restoration.

We have created a remedial massage/aromatherapy-inspired treatment that every client can enjoy (pregnant and non).

AromaTouch incorporates 8 carefully selected therapeutic essential oils to treat the body on a physical and energetic level.

Each oil combination will address the body’s need to manage Inflammation, Stress, Toxicity and Balance (homeostasis).

This treatment is best for people who are very stressed and need to go back to stillness – as it is a treatment we offer in silence, with only the soothing tones of music in the background.

Those who are recovering from illness, or who have an auto immune disease will benefit greatly from this treatment as it is designed to help your body naturally bring itself back into balance.

Healing takes time, focus and surrender, so we recommend a series of 3 treatments to truly feel the long lasting effects and see changes.

45min /$120
3 Treatments / $324

Essential Hand & Feet Treatment add-ons

Give yourself a little something extra

Sometimes a massage just isn’t enough, and you feel like a bit of pampering in addition to your regular remedial or pregnancy or postnatal massage.
Choose to add-on some luxury with our Essential Hand or Essential Feet treatments.

You will enjoy a sugar scrub of macadamia and ginger to remove old skin, and to reveal a fresh soft texture, then a reflexology-style massage using your chosen essential oil blend (choose from Balance, Serenity or Elevation) to really restore peace to the entire body.

15min add on (either Hand or Feet)/$25

60min Back n Bump

Our signature Prenatal Massage just got even better!
Enjoy a face down “belly hole” massage, that gets deep into those aches and pains in your lower back, hips, legs and back.
Our Belly Facial will help keep your belly bump feeling smooth and supple – to help you avoid stretch marks, or dryness and itchiness.
We use soothing oils created for indulgence and effectiveness.
You deserve to be treated like a Queen, so we only use pure certified therapeutic grade oils from doTERRA during our treatments.

{Specially created to be safe (and relaxing) during pregnancy. Enjoy our face-down custom-made massage table. Safe for both baby and you.}

60min experience/$120

60min Ultimate Facial

Beauty Therapy by Emma
Available Wednesday 10am-2pm, Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 2pm-6pm

An inspired nourishing facial tailored to your skin’s needs. Using certified organic skin care.

Deep cleanse and refine the skin, to see a natural glow and reveal stronger, more toned skin.

During Pregnancy your skin may be imbalanced, perhaps more dryness or more breaking out – our pregnancy facial can correct these issues.

Choose your focus:
Hydrating / Balancing / Anti Aging / Sensitivity reducing / Pregnancy conditions

90min experience/$140



Southern Sydney Pregnancy Massage

Formerly The Belle Flowers Clinic.
A boutique clinic supporting women of the Shire.

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