iTOVi is your personal product expert.

With just a simple scan, this pocket-sized tool will help you understand how your body responds to the products you use. Using scientific technology and a patented algorithm, iTOVi takes the guesswork out of the growing world of essential oils and supplements.

So whether you’re wanting to listen to your body or help others understand their body’s responses, the iTOVi scanner is the perfect companion.iTOVI


The iTOVi app is compatible* with both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The app is easy to use and generates an individualized scan report that’s easy to understand. The scanner connects wirelessly to your mobile device using the latest Bluetooth® technology. No wires. No bulky laptop. You can easily carry the scanner with you in a purse or pocket.itovi phones

 I LOVE my iTOVi! I don’t always “love” what it tells me…It has been spot-on every. single. time.

Tami H., doTERRA Independent Distributor

The iTOVi was everything that I was looking for in a personal scanner–affordable, accurate, easy to use with my iPhone and iPad, great customer service, and a very duplicatable tool for my team.

Lani P., Independent Business owner



When you purchase an iTOVi scanner, you help others make decisions regarding their overall wellness. You can also help others improve their business by endorsing iTOVi. Our referral program works in concert with our pricing and is a simple way for you to reduce your monthly access fee and even get paid for your referrals.

iTOVi offers a simple and unique referral program to help customers build their business, lower their monthly payments, and even earn extra cash. After someone becomes an iTOVi customer, a unique referral link is generated in their Customer Dashboard. Sharing that link is very easy and can be done with just a couple of clicks.

The referral program is slightly different depending on the pricing option you choose when buying the iTOVi scanner. Please read below to see how each option works.


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