Mood Management

Mood Management Workshop

Thurs 25th January 7.30pm


Join Belle Flowers, founder of The Belle Flowers Clinic and Wise Woman Essentials – as she takes you through a sensory journey into using doTERRA oils to help balance and harmonise your moods.


PMS? Angry? Grieving? Sad? Lost? No creative passion?
Loss of Libido? Frustrated? Irritated? Meh?


These “common” complaints are not NORMAL….it means your body is out of balance….so how do you calm the internal T-Rex and find balance again?

Holistic approaches include less packet foods (more F n V), less dairy and no soy products (inflammation causing in most bodies), more water (aim for 2.5L-3L every single day), supplements that are whole-food extracts and “bio-available” (meaning your body can actually absorb them – most chemist brands are not), good quality sleep (going to bed at 1am doesn’t help anyone)…..

Self Care approaches include meditation, deep breathing techniques and using essential oils to settle your nervous system, help you to sleep, elevate mood, improve concentration, decrease anger, inspire motivation, and empower you to self care naturally – and these are what I will share with you during the workshop.

Belle can help you to understand the underlying causes of your emotional ups and downs, and will guide you to take charge of your emotions – no matter how heavy, or entrenched they have become.

Managing your own moods, without the need for medication is in your future – but you have to know how! This comes from learning how to change your physical body, your thoughts and get committed to making small positive changes on a daily basis.

Every attendee will take home their own personal Mood Management blend.
This is a small group class that is NOT a counselling session, but it IS a SELF EMPOWERMENT session!

Class is FREE
Bookings Essential

Due to the course content, this is not a suitable space to bring children to (babies are ok).
However teenage girls who have hit puberty are welcome.

*** Please you can have your blend made up for you at this class for $20 per blend **

Text the clinic on 0481 242 942 to register

Why am I so passionate about this topic?

When I first started on my holistic health journey I ticked all the boxes:
better nutrition
increased water
But i still experience really bad PMS – anger, rage, irritability, emotional eating….for at least 2 weeks of every month. It was bad, and I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I had felt this way since I was around 17 yrs old. I just thought I had to live with it. I experienced heightened anxiety from around 23yrs of age, with it getting much worse after the birth of my 3rd child eight years ago.
I’ve tried anti depressants, cutting out chocolate (awful!), talking therapies..all to limited effect. They all work for a time…and then I seem to be able to work my way back to an angry and irritated state.

The issues was not surface level, it goes way deeper than that, and I was only treating the surface.

I was first introduced to essential oils for mood management around 2.5yrs ago and it was the piece of the puzzle I needed in order to complete my holistic approach. I still use all the same techniques (except I don’t use anti depressants) as I now have the confidence and self awareness to be able to bring myself back to balance with oils, meditation and self care as I need it.

That is truly the gift of holistic wellness with the Wise Woman approach – empowering each woman to be her own healer and to have the confidence to listen to her inner guidance (her Wise Woman).

I am so excited to share this workshop with you and see you becoming more confident and happier.

Belle xox

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