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Holistic Pregnancy Care with Belle

Working with Belle is more than just getting a massage – Belle’s approach to healing massage goes far beyond muscles and releasing aches and pains. Her signature style is about helping each woman to achieve balance and a feeling of being centred and grounded after each session. As such, massage therapy during pregnancy can help to allay fears, reduce anxiety, increase beneficial sleep, and reduce common aches and pains that can plague a pregnant mama.

Being pregnant can be the most wonderful time of your life, but it can also bring up many fears and anxieties and sadness too.

These added emotional demands can increase your symptoms during pregnancy and truly rob the joy from this time of your life.

Having regular prenatal holisitic support has been shown to increase better birth outcomes, a more positive postnatal experience and also increased sense of bonding to bub after delivery.

It will also help you to become more attuned to your body and to become your own healer – this is an important tool for the modern mama.

” I have been working with pregnant women for over twenty years now, and I have seen firsthand how regular massage therapy and intuitive energy counselling have helped increase a pregnant mama’s joy through her nine months. Working together with my clients, we create a safe space to allow emotions to be released, physical symptoms to ease, and confidence to grow.  It truly is a beautiful thing to witness a woman go from nerves to excitement and feeling truly empowered for what lies ahead.

 Feel supported thru all aspects of the Pre and Post Natal period of your life:

Fertility support – If you are undergoing IVF

Pregnancy support – physical and emotional

Birth Fears.

New pregnancy after Loss / Grief.



  • 1hr Massage & Healing: $150.
  • 1.5hr Massage & Healing: $220.
The Fine Print:
All sales are final. Please note there are NO refunds for any services bought online and not used. In the event you cannot attend a treatment that is booked and paid for online  (and you have given at least 24hrs (or 36hrs for Monday) notice of intention to cancel) your payment will be returned via Paypal refund. 

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