Kali Devi Energetics

Is change even possible for you?
Have you decided that this is as good as it gets?
Have you accepted the fear, anxiety, depression, poor health & difficult relationships as your lot in life?
If so then read no further…


I am talking to the one special person who is yearning for change, who is ready to live the life you know deep inside is meant to be yours. The one who looks up at the sky and asks the universe “how can I make a difference? How can I be all of who I am meant to be?  I have had enough… I am ready to make a change…Please help me!”


I know who you are… I have been there and NOW  experience the joy of knowing & being exactly who I am.  It takes all parts of us to be on-board to make a real and lasting change.

I specialise in uncovering the blocks the fears and resistance, bringing all parts together, empowering a true and lasting transformation.


Time to make a change special 25% off NOW $90 per session (normally $120)

  • Available during August 2017

Kali Devi

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Energetic Healing

Kali Devi is passionate about awakening the inner healer in us all so that we can blaze as the authentic beings we are meant to be.

With the strong belief that we can heal ourselves, Kali has explored many complimentary modalities over the last twenty years.
To Make a Booking or Enquire
Email michelle@kalidevienergetics.com
Call 0409 819 827

Southern Sydney Pregnancy Massage

Formerly The Belle Flowers Clinic.
A boutique clinic supporting women of the Shire.

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