Remedial Massage Treatments

Belle’s style of Remedial massage is so much more than “just a massage”. Instead of just focusing on the physical aspect of health, Belle can work with your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. 

Holistic Therapy with Belle

Belle offers holistic healing therapies during each session. Did you know that your aches and pains in your body could be a warning sign of your thought patterns, or belief systems?
During your remedial massage Belle will assess your energy body and help you to recreate patterns so that you not only feel good, but move more freely, think more clearly and love life!

Your treatment will consist : Remedial massage * Energy Healing * Meditation * Spiritual Healing * Emotion/Body Code technique * Empowerment Coaching * Spiritually aligned Biz coaching *  counselling * all with her signature tailored combination of techniques just for you!

For physical wellbeing:

Adrenal Fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue.


Auto-immune conditions and chronic issues.

Emotional mastery.

Releasing blocks to happiness and success.

For Pre/ post natal and non-pregnant women, including: 

Fertility support.

Pregnancy support.

Birth Fears.

Plus others areas of your life:



Coming back from Divorce.

Loss / Grief.



Self Sabotage.

Remedial Massage

treatments consist of stretching, deep tissue massage, joint movements, injury management and chronic pain relief. Most treatments include a flow of relaxation, guided breathing and sometimes more intense deeper work, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. It is recommended that if you have a chronic condition or a specific concern that you commit to a series of 3 to 6 treatments in order to work with your therapist to achieve good results.

1hr $120 (no energy healing / coaching / muscle testing

1hr $150 for holistic treatment

1.5hr $197 for holistic treatment

Only available with Belle, health fund rebates available.

I thank you for those miracle hands that have reduced the pain in my lower back & neck! I rolled out of bed this morning thinking “Oh wow that didn’t hurt!” Thank you heaps xx 

Vicky, Engadine.

Southern Sydney Pregnancy Massage

Formerly The Belle Flowers Clinic.
A boutique clinic supporting women of the Shire.

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