Wellbeing Packages

Do you have a chronic issue?
Do you want to make a commitment to looking after yourself? Our VIP Wellness programs will make sure you prioritise healing, relaxation and time out.

Why not try either a 6 month or 12 month Wellbeing Package:

6mth VIP Wellbeing Package:

The 6mth VIP program will make sure you prioritise healing, relaxation and time out each month for six months. including:

* 6 x 1hr Remedial massage

* Option to add Hot Stones with each massage at no extra cost

* 1 x 1hr Hydraflore Mind-Body Facial treatment (valued at $95)

* reduced rate entry to meditation classes (only $5 ea instead of $15, paid on night)

* 10% off all Hydraflore/Centella skin care during VIP period

* Centella Dermic Solution – to relieve tired, sore muscles

* Preferential booking

*valid six months from date of purchase

Total value over $700

Package Price – $497

12mth VIP Wellbeing Package:

Created for the woman who is BUSY, stressed, sore and wants to see positive CHANGE in her life. You might suffer from regular headaches, irritable bowel, sore muscles and joints, are tired all the time, and generally just don’t feel as good as you know you should be!

How can our 12mth VIP Package help? 
Research shows that massage lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and circulation, reduces stress, reduces insomnia, relaxes the nervous system plus much more. There’s also a lot to be said for learning how to nurture oneself and be kind to oneself if only for 1 hour per month!
Using quality certified Organic skin and body care ensures you aren’t putting harmful and unnecessary chemicals on your skin (which then get absorbed into your blood stream). Hydraflore facials and Centella body treatments will address your specific skin concerns, help you to shift unwanted cellulite, veins, or excess swelling in your legs, tummy, or back. 
We pre-book the first six months of massage and treatments (don’t worry, you can always change an appointment up to 24hrs prior). You are guaranteed priority booking with the therapist of your choice.
Here’s what you get:
* 10 massages  (health fund claimable) 
* 2 x 1hr Hydraflore facials  
* monthly meditation classes 
* priority booking
* therapist choice
* Centella Algae Distillate (to improve metabolism, increase energy, improve circulation, detoxify your system, increase good bacteria in gut, improve immune system).
* 20% off all Hydraflore skin care and Centella Body products during VIP period.

Valued at over $1200
Total Package cost: $990
(can be paid off in 3 instalments)
*appointment changes must be made prior to 24hrs in advance. only 4 changes permitted over 12mth period. Package is valid from 1 year from date of purchase. No extensions. Packages can be used within the same family (ie Husband and wife / mum and daughter). Package cannot be redeemed for monetary value for any unused portions. Facials can be re-gifted.

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