Why I’m not doing Induction Massage anymore….

Okay – I still am, but just in a different way.

I have created an incredible treatment that is now being imitated across the Shire and beyond. My Premium Induction Massage came about from my knowledge of western and Chinese approaches to pregnancy wellbeing treatments. However what I have been sad to see is that many women will book in an “induction massage” from 37wks just to “get the baby out”. 

This is NOT why I created the treatment, and I am afraid to say that the whole approach to pregnancy wellness is being missed if this is the desired outcome. 

The problem that comes with this is that the treatment was created to be a natural flow for the mama and bub to move in the direction of the delivery room. After working with women from early in their pregnancies it seemed like a natural progression in offering a holistic service to my client.

Over the years as I have worked less in the clinic and more on management I have taken many calls from desperate, uncomfortable women who are “over it” and who want the baby to be born ASAP. And so this little side-hustle of an industry was born. I created Labour Oils and signature routines that my therapists performed and we would be so booked up in August-October months that the smell of Clary Sage would waft down the stairs from the clinic!

I have taken countless phone calls from women who only come to have a treatment once in their whole pregnancy, and treat it like we are a drive thru service….would you care to take a side order of “labour pain relief strategies” or “relieve your birthing fears” with your order?

I get it. I went to 42 weeks with my second baby – and I am very aware of how uncomfortable and painful late pregnancy can become. And it was from this place that I created my treatment to help give nature a nudge. However I want to return to that place where we work together mama and me, to create a balanced and confident, serene yet grounded place, so that stress levels are lowered and empowerment is high.

My treatments aren’t just about making the baby appear on cue, they are about helping a woman to tune into her inner wisdom, and to listen to her body. They are a safe space to unwind the stressors, and to become – in mind body and soul – the mother they dreamed of being. They are a place to release the limiting beliefs and the trauma of held emotions.

They are a place to heal from the inside out.

From September 2019 I will only offer Labour Support Treatment for clients whom I have been working with during the earlier part of the pregnancy. Exclusively for women who have purchased a Premium Plan. This will ensure a woman is taking great care of herself and her baby, is learning how to tune in to the rhythms of her body and will be in the best possible energy and physical space for delivery. 

For any massage treatment from 37wks my client will be able to upgrade for free to a Labour Support Treatment
You will enjoy a relaxation-style massage, coupled with advanced acupressure techniques known for their ability to stimulate the uterus and assist with moving the body towards birthing. I use my signature recipe of doTERRA essential oils to create a stimulating – yet relaxing – oil blend that is known for its ability to stimulate the uterus and give you a nudge in the birthing direction.

I am very proud of my treatment’s success rate, and many of my repeat clients come back to me knowing that my Labour Support Treatments really do help them move into labour.

After my massage at 6pm, my contractions started at 8.30am the next day, and birth took place 10.30am! It was so quick and the contractions so effective that I didn’t have time to get to the hospital, just barely made it back home. Luckily for us, my husband is a good catch!

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